Robyn Hood

Written by   Juliet Evans

Directors    Juliet Evans and Sheena Coull

Musical Director   Susan Munro

Choreography    Jasmine Adams


For this year’s offering Lochaber Showstoppers would like to take you far back in time, to the green and not so pleasant land of medieval Britain, where living slightly outside the law is the only way to keep clothes on your back and stop your tummy grumbling! Yes we’re off to Sherwood Forest to follow the adventures of Robyn Hood and her (yes, that’s right, her) Merry Women (that’s right, women!) as they struggle to help the poor and hungry folk of Nottingham make ends meet! You’ll also meet the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and his handsome nephew, Murdo Marion, some pretty rubbish guards called Grog and Gruel and a host of other characters, as Robyn Hood tries to do good and not get caught. But she’d better watch out, that dastardly Sheriff has got a few tricks up his sleeve! Let Esther the zany jester lead you on your way through the twists and turns of life in Sherwood Forest, where cunning and stealth go hand in hand with love and loyalty. So sit back now and enjoy the show. Ah go on, go on, go on….and don’t forget to Boo!


Cast List

Esther the Jester             Juliet Evans

Robyn Hood                           Gemma Wright

Angel                                      Kirsty Hamilton

Mrs MacDonald              Catriona Smillie

Nun Taken                         Sheena Coull

Wee Jane                            Clare Brewer

The Sheriff of Nottingham            Dominic Dobson

Murdo Marion                      Stephen Carruthers

Victor Darling                       Chris Jones

Grog                                       Gemma MacDonald

Gruel                                      Samantha Wilson

Jo, Leader of the Urchins            Kayleigh MacDonald

Billy                                         Kelvin Taylor

Sam                                         Hannah Calder

Agnes, a Villager                       Deirdre MacDonald                

Kylie, another Villager            Sian Slezas

Anton Deck                           Mark Boyle







Lynne Hunter, Pat Ballantyne, Karen Hosey, Maddy O’Kane, Lisa Wharton, Jasmine Adams, Kim Ferguson, Diane Creel, Cara Elder, Chloe Elder, Amy Cameron, Kylie MacLeod, Lauren Nicholson, Rachel Ormerod, Hannah MacRae, Kirsten McAdam, Ksharma Wilmington, Gemma MacLeod, Donald Gillies, Callum Nash, Ewan Trotter, Robin Peake, Davie Johnstone, Jack Ormerod, Bill Denney, Oliver Blomfield



The Band


Conductor/ Piano                           Susan Munro

Violin/ Recorder                                 Lorna Ungoed Thomas

Guitar                                                  Jamie Hageman

Bass Guitar                                         Richard Coull

Woodwind                                           Karen Thomson, Mark Gosling

Trombone                                           Dave Allan

Percussion                                          Charlie Innes/ Clair Munro





Lighting                                                Mark Boyle, Sean McCartney

Sound                                                  Martin Whyte

Backstage                                           Donnie Munro, Brian Dickie, Oliver Blomfield

Prompt                                                            Grace Watson

Stage Manager                                  Alison Boyle

Set Design                                          Dave Foster

Set Builders                                        Donnie Munro, Chris Jones, Ewan Trotter

Set Painting                                         Felicity Nightingale, Gay Anderson

Props                                                  Alison Boyle, Brian Dickie

Wardrobe Mistress                                  Clare Brewer

Costumes supplied by                  That Looks Good

Poster and Programme                 Lamont Design

Front of House                                    Grace Watson, Annie MacLeod, Leah Burns, Kelly Follan,

Megan Scobie, Angus Tregaskis, Kevin Cameron, Melissa Duff,



Photo Gallery