Pirates of Penzance

25th, 26th and 27th March 2004

Written by W.S. Gilbert    Music by Arthur Sullivan

Director                         Mandy Morley

Assistant Director    Carole Erskine

Musical Director        Heather Moore



Apprentice pirate Frederic is finally twenty-one….free to marry Mabel, a daughter of the Major-General, and living a law-abiding life.  But Frederic, it seems, was born on February 29th, leap year day, and therefore is still only five years old!  Realising that he is bound to them for many more years, Frederic must now rescue the pirates he has just betrayed to the police.  But when the pirates are eventually identified as orphaned noblemen, all is forgiven and they marry the Major-General’s remaining daughters.


Mabel                               Sheena Coull

Frederic                            Morven Cameron

The Pirate King              Paco Paleres

Ruth                              Jackie Wright

Major-General Stanley  Chris Jones

Sergeant of Police    Eric MacKenzie

Samuel                         Charlie Leeson-Payne

Edith                             Eilidh MacInnes

Kate                              Kate Taylor

Isabel                            Samantha Wilson

Policemen and Pirates

Bill Denney, John Fish, Dave Foster, Connor Gillies, Lesley Glen, Bill Lightning, Charlie Moore, Jack Ormerod, Ewan Trotter, Mike Wardle, John Wilson.


Alison Boyle, Denise Calder, Deborah Clark, Maggie Ellis, Anna Kennedy, Helen King, Moira Leadbitter, Liz Loudon, Elspeth Napier, Sarah Reeves, Catriona Smillie.


Lorn Ungoed-Thomas, David Thomson, Ewan Henderson, Sheana Fraser, Sally Kirkwood, Mary Brennan, Nick Hadwen, Jennifer MacCallum, Susie Hutchison, Ian Strachan, Frances Sedgwick, Lucy Sedgwick, Dawn Scott, Karen Thomson, Hollie Munro, Hazel Whitehead, Keith Falconer, Jacqui Hill, Hege Hernaes, Peter Whitehead, Susan Munro

Technical Crew

Sound and Lightning                          Willie Cameron, Richard Coull

Stage Crew                                           Brian Dickie, Dave King, Gary Coull, Mark Boyle

Wardrobe                                             Carole Erskine

Costumes                                              Homburgs of Leeds

Front of House                                   Lesley Glenn, Libby Williamson, Mary Cumming, Grace Watson

Prompt                                                  Christine MacAskill

Artwork                                                 Felicity Nightingale

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