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How Showstoppers Works…

If you’re interested in joining Showstoppers on stage or behind the scenes drop us a line either by email or through our Facebook page and find out how to get involved.


Full rehearsals are usually held at the Nevis Centre (in the Studio Theatre) on a Monday evening for about 2 hours. They include a short break for tea and coffee (and a chat of course!) mid-way through. Principal rehearsals usually take place on a separate weeknight (similar timings).
 If you get a principal role, then you must be able to commit to attending all rehearsals, give or take the odd difficulty with holidays etc.  We encourage everyone to audition for roles big and small, no matter how much experience you have.  Everyone has to start somewhere!
As the show approaches, we introduce a Sunday rehearsal, typically about 4 weeks before show week. This normally operates from 2 – 5pm. Again, all members must be able to attend these rehearsals.
The week of the show is very much “full on” for Lochaber Showstoppers members (and all our musicians and technical support as well). You will be required to rehearse the Sunday before the show week, and dress rehearsals on the Monday and Tuesday evenings of that week (often until 11pm). This week requires a serious commitment from members and you are therefore asked to think carefully about your ability to take a full part in this before you come on board.  Performances are on the Thursday evening, Friday evening and Saturday evening, plus a matinee if demand is high enough.


Our members come from right across Lochaber, with some travelling from as far as Mallaig and Kinlochleven. Our membership is open to anyone from the age of 12 and up and tends to be made up of one third young people (under 18) and two thirds 18+ years. New members are always extremely welcome.

Production Teams

Our typical production team includes a Musical Director (or two), a Director, a Choreographer and a Technical Manager.  If you are interested in learning more about any of the backstage elements of our productions then we’d love to have you on board.

Our Orchestra

We are very fortunate to have been supported year on year by excellent lochaber musicians who give their time freely to our main production. Some of our stage members have come from the orchestra, and vice versa.

Technical Team

Again, we rely heavily on willing hands to help with scenery design and building, sound and lighting board operation and set up, stage management etc, typically about 10 people each year, some of whom come from the cast themselves. If anyone has a particular skill in this area (or a willing family member) please let us know – don’t be shy!

Costumes & Make-up

In most cases we hire costumes, but we do have a substantial wardrobe of our own which we use for some shows, or to supplement hired costumes. We are also well supported by seamstresses who will often make costumes to our specifications. We also have our own make up and are always keen for people with make up skills to help out during show week.


Our income comes mainly from ticket sales, programme sponsorship and raffle takings. Over the years we have managed to buy some of our own equipment (sound and lighting) and this has helped to keep us financially sustainable.  We hold regular fund raising events and are very grateful for all of the support we receive from the local community.


There is a strong committee working for Showstoppers, drawn form the membership of people on stage and off.  There are always lots of jobs to be shared out, be it finance, marketing, handling tickets, fundraising etc.  If you’re interested in having more of a say about how the club is run please let us know what’s on your mind.
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