A Christmas Carol

Lochaber Showstoppers presents


“A Christmas Carol”


Written and Directed by

Clare Brewer


Musical Director

Susan Munro



Jasmine Adams




The Band


Conductor/ Piano                           Susan Munro

Guitar                                                  Jamie Hageman

Bass Guitar                                         Richard Coull

Woodwind                                           Karen Thomson, Mark Gosling

Trombone                                           Dave Allan

Trumpet                                              Lynnie Sedgewick

Percussion                                          Matt / Clair Munro





Lighting                                                Mark Boyle, Sean McCartney

Sound                                                  Martin Whyte

Stage Manager                                  Donnie Munro

Backstage                                           Donnie Munro, Brian Dickie, Alison Boyle

Prompt                                                            Grace Watson

Set Design                                          Dave Foster

Set Builders                                        Donnie Munro, Gordon Irvine, Ewan Trotter

Set Painting                                         Dave Foster, Jamie Hageman and club members

Wardrobe Mistress                                  Diane Foster

Costumes supplied by                  That Looks Good

Props                                                  Juliet Evans

Sculptures                                           Brian Dickie

Poster and Programme                 Clare Brewer, Sam Wilson and Lynne Hunter


Thank-you to:


Bill, our army of knitters around the country, Olive, Joyce Fraser and the girls from Caol Cuts, Dominic Dobson, Ilona Munro Lawson @ Drama Fish, Nevis Radio, Rotary Club, Bill Denney.


Photo Gallery